Hello All!

Welcome to my food blog!

I absolutely love cooking!! As a little girl, I have grown up sitting on the kitchen bench top watching my mum transform the most rudimentary ingredients into comforting, aromatic, delicious and colourful dishes. The kitchen was a place of excitement, discovery, and creation. As an adult, it wasn’t until I moved out to go to university that I rediscovered and developed my love for cooking.

My family is originally from East Africa and the Gujarat region of India, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Jam Khumbhariya and therefore, my food is also influenced by the African culture and flavours too. I’m a vegetarian and I was raised a vegetarian so I share with you a collection of healthy recipes with an aim to preserve my heritage. Many of the recipes I have grown up with and have been passed down to me by family and friends and hold wonderful memories and these I shall be sharing with you.

Today I love trying out new recipes and creating dishes that blend memories and scents of the kitchens of my childhood, along with new ingredients and flavours of cuisines around the world. Here I want to record the recipes that excite, nourish and inspire me. My recipes range from Gujarat and all over India and I’m here to share my love of wholesome, healthy, natural ingredients, as well as my passion for food. I hear many of my aunts and the elderly women in my family complain of younger women having forsaken their traditional Gujarati or Indian heritage, roots and cooking skills and this blog is my attempt to preserve the wonderful cuisine and skills.

I really hope that you enjoy the recipes I’ll be posting and sharing with you on here and will have a go at making them as much as I have!

Happy cooking folks!

Best wishes,

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